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ABC of Opera: Classical


ABC of Opera: Classical

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Treth yn gynwysedig. Cyfrif cludiant yn y man talu.

Awdur: Mark Llewelyn Evans

ISBN: 9781912213870
Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: 29 Ebrill 2021
Cyhoeddwr: Graffeg
Darluniwyd gan Karl Davies
Fformat: Clawr Meddal, 250x200 mm, 64 tudalen
Iaith: Saesneg

Mae gwibdaith yr ysgol yn troi o fod yn ddiflas i fod yn ddisglair pan fo Jack a Megan yn ailgysylltu â'u hen ffrind Trunk, gan deithio nôl mewn amser i'r cyfnod Clasurol ym myd cerddoriaeth. Yno maent yn ymweld â dinasoedd Salzburg a Pharis, gan ddarganfod cerddoriaeth Windy Wolfie (Mozart), Tortellini Rossini, yr oriog, wydn Bilious Beethoven, a llawer, llawer mwy.

Darparwyd yr isod gan y Cyhoeddwr:
Bywgraffiad Awdur:
Mark Llewelyn Evans is the founder and creative director of ABC of Opera Productions, which tours UK-wide introducing children to the stories and glories of the opera through music and storytelling. Mark is a professional opera singer who has sung the principal baritone roles for many of the opera houses and lives in Llantrisant, Wales. Mark was the winner of the Amati Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs' Award 2019.

Karl Davies is an exciting children's book illustrator whose work brings the cast and characters of the ABC of Opera vividly to life. His other illustration work includes three children’s stories with Roy Noble: Walking with Bamps, The B Team, and its sequel, A Winning Wednesday. Karl is a landscape artist and lives in Pontypridd, Wales.

Gwybodaeth Bellach:
Discover the thrilling story of opera with Jack, Megan and the time-travelling Trunk.
A school trip takes Jack and Megan to the Natural History Museum, London, where they are reunited with their old friend Trunk. Freeing him from an exhibit, they are whisked back to the Classical period (c. 1730-1820) and the cities of Salzburg and Paris. Here they learn all about this momentous era in musical history from the creators themselves.

Tasked with taking the music and stories of Windy Wolfie (Mozart, the penniless prodigy), Riotous Rossini(the king of the dining table) and the moody and resilient Bilious Beethoven back to the present, Jack
and Megan soon find themselves caught up in the return of the Queen of the Night, Mozart's most evil creation. Who will win the day and can Jack and Megan keep their heads off the block?

Join us on another unforgettable leg of this 500-year journey, told like never before.