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Dark Angel

Brian John

Dark Angel

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Awdur: Brian John

ISBN: 9780905559827
Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: 05 Tachwedd 2004
Cyhoeddwr: Greencroft Books, Trefdraeth
Fformat: Clawr Meddal, 149x210 mm, 432 tudalen
Iaith: Saesneg

Stori gyffrous am wrthdaro teuluol a rhamant wedi ei seilio ar ddyddiadur dychmygol gwraig ifanc ystâd fechan yng ngogledd Sir Benfro ar ddechrau'r 19eg ganrif. Dilyniant i On Angel Mountain a House of Angels.

Bywgraffiad Awdur:
Brian John is an experienced writer with more than 60 books to his name. In 2001 he started writing fiction, and his 'Angel Mountain' Ssga (five volumes about the life and times of Mistress Martha Morgan) is now complete. Transworld Publishers homed in on the success of the series in Wales, and the Corgi editions of the books are now appearing at six-monthly intervals.
Gwybodaeth Bellach:
Martha Morgan has finally found love, after weathering many storms of the heart. She agrees to marry Owain and all the Morgan family are delighted. But just as she starts to believe that she can have a quiet, calm life, Martha is terrified by a ghostly apparition, which the servants start to call the Nightwalker. Further troubles await her – an orphan is abandoned on their doorstep, a ship is wrecked on the rocky coastline nearby, and one of the local squires tries to intimidate her. Finally, Owain, her anchor, disappears.

For the first time since she became its Mistress, the Plas Ingli estate is in serious trouble. It is up to Martha to lead her family out of dark times - even if the journey will test her to her limits...

Volume 3 of the 'Angel Mountain' saga is very different from the others, with less brutality and less action, and with much of the story going on in the heroine's head. Mistress Martha, having been totally in control of her destiny in the last story, now has to discover her weaknesses. She suffers from deep depression and even paranoia as the story proceeds, as she convinces herself that she is being stalked by a strange creature who comes to be known as the "Nightwalker". As if that was not enough, she also has to cope with the sudden disappearance of her beloved Owain, and the sudden appearance on the doorstep of the Plas of a foundling child.

The story stretches over a period of 15 years, and at its conclusion, in the face of a terrible tragedy, Martha has to learn some hard lessons about trust and loyalty. The story is an uplifting one, for it is essentially about the nobility of the human spirit.