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Hear the Echo - Two Strong Welsh-italian Women... Separated by a Lifetime, Linked Forever

Rob Gittins

Hear the Echo - Two Strong Welsh-italian Women... Separated by a Lifetime, Linked Forever

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Treth yn gynwysedig. Cyfrif cludiant yn y man talu.

Awdur: Rob Gittins

ISBN: 9781784615239 
Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: 28 Mehefin 2018
Cyhoeddwr: Y Lolfa, Tal-y-bont
Fformat: Clawr Meddal, 195x130 mm, 384 tudalen
Iaith: Saesneg

♥ Llyfr Saesneg y Mis: Medi 2018
Stori am ddwy wraig gref o dras Cymreig-Eidalaidd yn un o gymoedd de Cymru: un yn byw yn y 1930au a'r llall yn y cyfnod presennol. Mae Chiara yn wynebu anawsterau bod yn fewnfudwraig tra bod Frankie yn brwydro yn erbyn benthycwyr arian llym a'i gŵr di-ddim. Er y gwahaniaethau rhyngddynt, mae eu bywydau yn adleisio'i gilydd mewn ffyrdd annisgwyl.

Darparwyd yr isod gan y Cyhoeddwr:
Bywgraffiad Awdur:
Rob Gittins is an award-winning screenwriter who has written for most of the UK’s top-rated television drama series of the past twenty years – including EastEnders, The Bill, Heartbeat and Casualty. In 2015 he received an Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of his work as EastEnders' longest-serving writer.

Gwybodaeth Bellach:
In the 1930s, Chiara decides to emigrate from Italy to forge a new and better life in Wales. She works in an Italian café in a close-knit mining town in the Valleys, encountering religious bigotry, xenophobia, and hardship as she and her boss battle to make a success of their new life. But at the heart of their endeavour is a love triangle which threatens to destroy everything they have.

Meanwhile present-day Welsh-Italian Frankie struggles to find the money and hope to hold her family together in the same Valleys community. With her husband letting her down at every turn, she faces tough decisions about exactly how far she’s prepared to go to keep the wolf from the door, and whether what she has is actually worth fighting for.

Though they’re living in very different time periods and situations, the two women’s diaries reveal unexpected commonalities, not least of which is their strength and determination to face down whatever life throws at them and carve out something better for themselves and those they love.