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Pembrokeshire Mini Edition


Pembrokeshire Mini Edition

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Awdur: David Wilson

ISBN: 9781905582938
Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: 19 Awst 2013
Cyhoeddwr: Graffeg, Caerdydd
Fformat: Clawr Caled, 157x157 mm, 128 tudalen
Iaith: Saesneg

Casgliad o 57 o ffotograffau du a gwyn o olygfeydd trawiadol o dir ac arfordir sir Benfro a gorllewin Cymru. Cynhwysir nodiadau'r awdur am bob llun, ynghyd â rhagair gan Jamie Owen.

Bywgraffiad Awdur:
David Wilson was born and brought up in Haverfordwest and now lives just a few miles downstream in the riverside village of Llangwm with wife Anna and son Charlie. His love of photography began when he bought his first camera aged seventeen, and he spent many carefree days riding around Pembrokeshire on his motorbike with his 35mm Canon and an ordnance survey map, learning to take photographs while exploring the coast and countryside. Due to his habit of colliding with objects his motorbike is now history, but his passion for photography is stronger than ever.
Gwybodaeth Bellach:
From the rolling Preseli Hills to its dramatic cliff-top coastline, Pembrokeshire both excites and enthrals with a sense of timeless beauty. And yet there is also a story to be told, one of meaning and of ancestry, which acclaimed landscape photographer David Wilson brings to life through his remarkable black and white images. Join David as he explores his native county through 58 stunning images and discover for yourself what the landscape really looks like.