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Wales at Water's Edge - A Coastal Journey


Wales at Water's Edge - A Coastal Journey

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Awdur: Jon Gower, Jeremy Moore

ISBN: 9781848512429 
Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: 08 Mai 2012
Cyhoeddwr: Gomer
Fformat: Clawr Caled, 220x245 mm, 144 tudalen
Iaith: Saesneg

Dathliad mewn gair a llun o arfordir trawiadol Cymru. Cyhoeddir i gyd-fynd ag agoriad swyddogol Llwybr Arfordir Cymru yn 2012.

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Gwybodaeth Bellach:
This is a journey around the Welsh coast, undertaken in all weathers and all seasons, from the Severn estuary in the south east to the mouth of the Dee in the north east. On the way, Jeremy Moore and Jon Gower encounter and document those landscapes that give this spectacular coastline its enduring character, as well as those places and communities that form more temporary, but equally fascinating, features of its scenery and sensibility.

Published to coincide with the opening of the All-Wales Coastal Path, Wales at Water’s Edge is a visual and verbal evocation of that journey, sometimes lyrical and lavish, other times more exploratory and incisive, but always grounded in a deep knowledge and understanding of the highways and bye-ways of Wales at water’s edge.
Jeremy Moore is one of Wales’s foremost photographers. His books include Wales: The Lie of the Land (with Nigel Jenkins), Heart of the Country (with William Condry), Blaenau Ffestiniog (with Gwyn Thomas) and Pembrokeshire: Journeys and Stories (with Trevor Fishlock). He also publishes his own ‘Wild Wales/Cymru Wyllt’ postcards and calendar, and has an extensive library of Welsh images. For more information, see his website,

As well as being one of Wales’s brightest literary talents, Jon Gower shares with Jeremy Moore a passionate interest in, and concern for, the natural world and environment. A former BBC Wales arts and media correspondent, he is much in demand as a producer, presenter and public speaker, and indeed travels the world as an ambassador for the Hay Festival. A prolific author, his 2010 novel Uncharted received unstinting critical acclaim, whilst his An Island Called Smith won the John Morgan Travel award.