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Ward Nine - Coronavirus - One Woman's Story

Alys Morgan

Ward Nine - Coronavirus - One Woman's Story

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Awdur: Alys Morgan

ISBN: 9781913640316 
Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: 13 Tachwedd 2020
Cyhoeddwr: Parthian Books
Golygwyd gan Kathryn Tann
Fformat: Clawr Meddal, 204x128 mm, 122 tudalen
Iaith: Saesneg

Cofnod un wraig o'r pandemig yn 2020 nad oedd neb yn barod amdano - o wely mewn ysbyty yng ngogledd Cymru oedd yn brwydro i ofalu am gleifion oedd yn amlhau. Dyma stori am famau a merched, am ynysu a goroesi, am gariad a cholled. Ond yn bennaf, dyma destament i'r cyfan sy'n ddyledus gennym i'r rheiny sy'n darparu gofal - a chysur - ar y llinell flaen.

Darparwyd yr isod gan y Cyhoeddwr:
Bywgraffiad Awdur:
Alys Morgan grew up in the West Midlands, and like many people from that area, has English, Welsh and Irish ancestry. She returned to live in north Wales when she married, and writes under a pen name reflecting her Welsher roots. She is a retired teacher and librarian who lives in north Wales, and enjoys reading, writing and walking. A survivor of Covid, she considers she owes everything to NHS Wales and MIND, who cured her body and soul. This book is a love letter to both of them.

Gwybodaeth Bellach:
One of the first testamonies to be published from a patient’s perspective.
Supporting Mind Cymru: a donation with every book sold.
Marketing and features proposed with Daily Mail, Metro Media and Western Mail, as well as social media interviews.
A regional experience of the first wave of the pandemic - rather than the usual London-centric focus.
Shedding light on wider themes enmeshed in the spread of Covid-19, such as class, motherhood, mental health and essential work.
Draws fascinating parallels with Daniel Defoe’s shock-
ingly relevant Journal of the Plague Year (1722).
Alys Morgan was admitted to hospital on the 19th of April, with an unexplained sickness which had rendered her too weak to move. The next day she was diagnosed with Covid-19 – though staff understood her symptoms as little as the virus itself.
This is one woman’s account of a pandemic no-one seemed prepared for – from the bed of a north-Wales hospital struggling to care for its multiplying patients. It’s a story of mothers and daughters, isolation and survival, love and loss. But most of all, it’s a testament to everything we owe those providing care – and comfort – on the new front line.