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Adref - Casgliad o Straeon Byrion

Cylchgrawn Cara

Adref - Casgliad o Straeon Byrion

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Author: Various

ISBN: 9781527275454

Publication Date: 24 November 2020

Publisher: *Cylchgrawn Cara*

Illustrated by Tanwen Haf

Format: Paperback, 198x130 mm, 132 pages

Language: Welsh

30 short stories by women, being the fruits of a short story competition in the magazine Cara. The book comprises stories by experienced authors such as Heiddwen Tomos, Casia Wiliam, Mari George, Dana Edwards and Rebeca Roberts, and young, new authors such as Fflur Evans, Marged Wiliam, Martha Grug Ifan, Sioned Erin Hughes, and many more!