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Beyond Limits

Lowri Morgan

Beyond Limits

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Author: Lowri Morgan

ISBN: 9781785622755
Publication Date: April 2020
Publisher: Gomer, Llandysul
Format: Paperback, 216x140 mm, 232 pages
Language: English

♥ English Book of the Month: May 2020 Lowri Morgan is a well known name: TV presenter, adventurer, ultra-marathon runner. But what is it that has led her to live a life of such extremes? What has enabled her to develop the strength and resilience to tackle some of the planet's toughest environments? Here, Lowri explores the mind and body she has pushed beyond pain, beyond her expectations, and beyond limits.

Mae Lowri Morgan yn adnabyddus fel cyflwynydd teledu, anturiaethwraig a rhedwraig marathonau eithafol. Ond beth sydd wedi'i harwain at fyw i'r eithaf? Beth sydd wedi galluogi ei chryfder a'i gwydnwch i wynebu rhai o amgylchfydoedd anoddaf y byd? Yma mae Lowri yn edrych ar sut y gwthiodd hi ei meddwl a'i chorff trwy'r poen a'i disgwyliadau ei hun.

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Author Biography:
Lowri Morgan is an adventurer, extreme athlete, adrenalin junkie, and television presenter. As well as her successes in ultra-marathons, Lowri has had a stellar career as a presenter on sports shows, children's shows, and documentaries, and boasts numerous awards. Her television work has allowed her to visit such diverse locales as the Namib desert, the sites of the World Rally Championships, and the wreck of the Titanic. Lowri is now busy embarking on her latest adventure - that of being a new mother - and planning many more.