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Casgliad Celf Cymru | A Wales Art Collection - A3 Cards / Cardiau A3


Casgliad Celf Cymru | A Wales Art Collection - A3 Cards / Cardiau A3

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Author: Alan Torjussen

ISBN: 9780953520275
Publication Date: 20 November 2014
Publisher: Genesis, Cardiff
Format: Other
Language: Bilingual (Welsh and English)

A set of 50 A3 laminated cards featuring a rich and diverse collection of over 100 works of Welsh art from the past and present on one side, with information about the artist and their image on the back. The images are thematically grouped and are for use in Primary and Secondary schools, but are also ideal for art enthusiasts of all ages.

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Further Information:
Examples of themes for the full colour images are Mountains, Identity and Humour, and they are designed for classroom use at all Key Stages and are also suitable for art enthusiasts of all ages.

Also available in the same series: a set of over 100 A6 cards, each featuring a different image of Welsh art, with questions for pupils and students on the reverse; plus a CD featuring the 100 images for use on a computer or whiteboard. (Dual platform PC and Mac.)

Produced by the Editor who created Dysgu Celf yng Nghymru/Teaching Art in Wales in 1996. This latter bilingual project (which is still being used in many schools today) is wholly compatible and complementary with this new bilingual project A Wales Art Collection / Casgliad Celf Cymru.