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Cydymaith Caneuon Ffydd

Pwyllgor Caneuon Ffydd

Cydymaith Caneuon Ffydd

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ISBN: 9781862250529
Publication Date: December 2008
Publisher: Pwyllgor Caneuon Ffydd, Aberystwyth
Format: Hardback, 215x150 mm, 764 pages
Language: Welsh

A companion to the interdenominational hymn book, Caneuon Ffydd, containing 760 pages of information about all the hymns, hymn tunes, writers, translators, and composers. The volume includes an informative discussion on hymnology in Wales, and a reliable introduction to the contents of Caneuon Ffydd. A new edition of a volume first published in November 2006.

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Further Information:
Best seller back in print!
The Companion to the Welsh hymnal Caneuon Ffydd was sold out twice in a few months when it appeared two years ago. The good news is that Cydymaith Caneuon Ffydd, updated and corrected, will be back in the shops before Christmas.

A major improvement in this new edition is that it contains a first-line index of the verses of all the hymns, which will make it much easier to use.

The price, however, has hardly moved. Cydymaith remains a bargain at £19.95 for a book of 750 pages brimming with information. It went out of print quickly the last time: the publishers advice is ‘Better not risk delay this time round!’