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Cyfres Crefyddau'r Byd Heddiw: Archwilio Sikhiaeth

Canolfan Genedlaethol Addysg Grefyddol

Cyfres Crefyddau'r Byd Heddiw: Archwilio Sikhiaeth

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Author: Tania ap Siôn

ISBN: 9781853571879

Publication Date: 30 April 2008

Publisher: Canolfan Genedlaethol Addysg Grefyddol, Bangor

Illustrated by Phillip Vernon

Adapted/Translated by Nant Roberts.

Suitable for age 7-9+ or Key Stage 2

Format: Paperback, 244x168 mm, 32 pages

Language: Welsh

Rhys and Sara explore Sikhism with their Sikh friends, Sanjit and Yasmin. Sanjit and Yasmin take them both to meet a very important teacher and guide called Guru Granth Sahib. However, the guru is not quite what Rees and Sara expected! Rees and Sara are drawn further into the exciting world of Sikhism - a world struggling for truth, justice and fairness for all.