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Cyfres Lobsgows: Cewri

Haf Llewelyn

Cyfres Lobsgows: Cewri

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Author: Haf Llewelyn

ISBN: 9781845216979
Publication Date: 06 June 2019
Publisher: CAA Cymru, Aberystwyth
Edited by Delyth Ifan
Format: Paperback, 297x210 mm, 40 pages
Language: Welsh

One of a series of 8 themed books for 7-11 year olds which presents facts in a way that will prompt a smile and create eagerness to learn more. Cewri looks at a variety of characters now considered to be giants, including the Celtic giants, Owain Gwynedd, the princess Gwenllian, the Paith Warriors, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King.

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Further Information:

Each spreadsheet includes a factual piece and fictional piece, along with questions on reading and understanding as well as questions to encourage learners to respond by analyzing the text.
* Gives focus to a range of topics that will appeal to childred aged 7-11 years old, with emphasis on unusual subjects;
* The fictional pieces cover a wide range of genres, e.e. poetry, mythology, diaries, letters, stories, recipes, articles and scripts;
* The graded material is suitable for two levels of learners; foundational/indermediate learners and MAT (more able and talented) learners.