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Food in Roman Britain

The History Press

Food in Roman Britain

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Author: Joan P. Alcock

ISBN: 9780752419244
Publication Date: 03 June 2014
Publisher: The History Press
Format: Paperback, 248x172 mm, 192 pages
Language: English

This book examines the eating, cooking, and dining habits of the people who inhabited Roman Britain, and makes comparisons with the food and diet in other parts of the Roman Empire. Chapters include dairy products; vegetables, fruits, and nuts; herbs, spices, salt, and honey; and shops and markets.

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Table of Contents:
1 Background evidence
2 Cereal products
3 Meat, game and poultry
4 Fish, shellfish and other crustaceans
5 Dairy products
6 Vegetables, fruits and nuts
7 Herbs, spices, salt and honey
8 Olive oil and liquamen
9 Wine, beer and water
10 The kitchen
11 The dining room
12 Shops and markets
13 Army diet
14 Diet and nutrition