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Sonia Edwards


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Author: Sonia Edwards

ISBN: 9781845216986
Publication Date: 25 February 2019
Publisher: CAA Cymru, Aberystwyth
Edited by Delyth Ifan
Format: Paperback, 197x130 mm, 96 pages
Language: Welsh

An original and gripping novel for young teens by one of Wales' most popular authors. It relates the story of Yvonne who begins at Eldra's school. Although both girls are very different, there are similarities between them, and the truth about their situation will change their lives.

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Further Information:
A girl named Yvonne arrives at Eldra's school. The two 13 year old girls are very different, and yet there's a similarity and familiarity between them. The truth of the situation comes as a shock to them which will change both their lives.
* An original novel for older readers (12-14 years), by one of Wales' most popular authors;
* It can be read independently for enjoyment, or used in a classroom with Key Stage 3 learners;
* There is a digital package available for free on the Hwb website, which includes questions to accompany the novel.
The novel will help learners enjoy a novel by indentifying, selecting and using information as well as responding to the material in a stimulating way - this will lead to an understanding of the novel as a prose medium and responding to new GCSE 2016 specifications in due course.