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Mathiadur - Geiriadur Mathemateg Cyntaf


Mathiadur - Geiriadur Mathemateg Cyntaf

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Author: Robin Bateman

ISBN: 9781905255719
Publication Date: 11 April 2014
Publisher: Atebol, Aberystwyth
Edited by Eirian Jones, Glyn Saunders Jones
Illustrated by Ceri Jones, Roger Bowles
Suitable for age 7-9+ or Key Stage 2
Format: Hardback, 268x200 mm, 64 pages
Language: Welsh

A dictionary of mathematical terms for children. It includes over 300 of the most important terms in mathematics. A guide to using correct mathematical language, notation, symbols and conventions to enable pupils to discuss their work and explain it to others. Ideal for children, teachers and parents. Includes many cartoons and pictures.