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Nab Wrc

Roald Dahl

Nab Wrc

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Author: Roald Dahl

ISBN: 9781849673518
Publication Date: November 2016
Publisher: Rily, Caerphilly
Illustrated by Quentin Blake
Adapted/Translated by Elin Meek
Suitable for age 7-9+ or Key Stage 2
Format: Paperback, 198x129 mm, 80 pages
Language: Welsh

Mr Hoppy, a retired bachelor, harbours a secret passion for his neighbour, the lovely Mrs Silver, but she lavishes her affection on Alffie, her pet tortoise. Mr Hoppy's ingenious plot to defeat his rival and win his lady's love will delight and amaze, involving, as it does, a cryptic riddle and no fewer than 140 tortoises. A Welsh translation of Esio Trot by Elin Meek.

Mae Mr Hoppy'n dwlu ar Mrs Silver, ei gymdoges, ac mae Mrs Silver yn dwlu ar Alffi, ei chrwban. Un diwrnod mae Mrs Silver yn gofyn i Mr Hoppy sut mae gwneud i Alffu dyfu, ac yn sydyn mae Mr Hoppy yn gwybod sut mae ennill ei chalon. Gyda help swyn hudol ac ychydig o ddail bresych, a all Mr Hoppy fod yn hapus o'r diwedd? Addasiad Cymraeg o Esio Trot gan Elin Meek.