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Pecyn Cardiau Cerdd Hon/Hon Poem Cards Pack

T. H. Parry-Williams

Pecyn Cardiau Cerdd Hon/Hon Poem Cards Pack

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Author: T. H. Parry-Williams

ISBN: 9781909823938
Publication Date: April 2016
Publisher: Graffeg, Cardiff
Illustrated by Sue Shields
Format: Stationery, 157x157 mm
Language: Bilingual (Welsh and English)

This pack of notecards feature Sue Shields' iconic illustration of 'Hon' by T. H. Parry-Williams. The full poem is printed on the inside, with notes on the poet's life and work printed on the back of each card. Each pack contains 5 cards with envelopes and each card measures 157 x 157mm.

Mae'r pecyn hwn o gardiau ar gyfer negeseuon personol yn dangos llun eiconig Sue Shields o'r gerdd 'Hon' gan T. H. Parry-Williams. Argraffwyd y gerdd gyflawn y tu mewn i bob cerdyn, a cheir nodiadau am fywyd a gwaith y bardd ar y cefn. Mae 5 cerdyn gydag amlenni ym mhob pecyn. Maint pob cerdyn yw 157 x 157mm.

The following has been provided by the Publisher:
Author Biography:
T. H. Parry-Williams made a huge contribution to Welsh scholarship and the public life of Wales alongside his poetry. He published six volumes of verse, starting with Cerddi in 1931. His 'rhymes' as he called them, created a medium allowing him to make ironic, acerbic and critical observations on the world about him, while he reserved the sonnet form, of which he was a master, to express his basic philosophy.