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Wales Before 1536 - A Guide

Donald Gregory

Wales Before 1536 - A Guide

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Author: Donald Gregory

ISBN: 9781845240974

Publication Date: 14 October 2008

Publisher: Llygad Gwalch Cyf, Llanrwst

Format: Paperback, 182x123 mm, 160 pages

Language: English

A chronological outline of Welsh history from the ninth to the six teenth century which is also a guide to readers who like to relate what they read to places they can visit. Black-and-white maps and photographs. A new edition of a volume first publishedin 1993, ISBN: 9780863812507 (0863812503). A companion to Wales Before 1066 - A Guide.

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Further Information:

Wales Before 1536, a companion volume to Wales Before 1066, continues the story of Wales, as the struggle deepened not only between the Welsh and the Saxons and the Vikings, but also between the various jealous warring Celtic power bases in north, central and south Wales. By the time this wasteful internal bickering began to give place to a strong determination on the part of most Welsh people to unify their country, power east of Offa's Dyke had passed from the Saxons to the Normans, who were far better equipped than their predecessors had been to destroy the Welsh dream of independence.

Wales provides a treasure-house of the past and with the help of this book, readers may visit the historic sites mentioned in the text. But appreciating a country's inheritance is more than looking at castles, monuments and abbeys. Hopefully, the pleasure of your search into the past will reveal the richness of this nation's identity.