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Y Falwen Hy a'r Morfil Cry

Dref Wen

Y Falwen Hy a'r Morfil Cry

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Author: Julia Donaldson

ISBN: 9781855969902

Publication Date: 07 March 2014

Publisher: Dref Wen, Cardiff

Illustrated by Axel Scheffler

Adapted/Translated by Gwynne Williams.

Suitable for age 0-7 or Key Stage 1

Format: Hardback, 170x185 mm, 32 pages

Language: Welsh

This is the tale of a tiny snail And a great big, grey-blue humpback whale. The snail lives on a rock in the dock. She longs to see the world, but how can she travel? By hitching a lift on the tail of a whale, of course!