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Y Geiriadur Celf

Mark White

Y Geiriadur Celf

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Author: Mark White

ISBN: 9781906587109
Publication Date: 25 November 2011
Publisher: Dalen (Llyfrau) Cyf, Tresaith
Adapted/Translated by Dafydd Jones
Suitable for age 12+.
Format: Paperback, 232x154 mm, 170 pages
Language: Welsh

Students of Art and Design at AS and A level need to understand specialist vocabulary and find out more about different movements in art. The Geiriadur Celf has been specially written to help students achieve this and is full of clear and comprehensive entries essential for students of Art and Design in Wales.

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Further Information:
The dictionary’s entries are compiled in alphabeltical order to quickly and easily assist the reader to find the information he or she is looking for; it also includes an extensive readling list. Terms are listed in both Welsh and English, and along with a bilingual vocabulary list the Geiriadur Celf is fully accessible to both fluent and non-fluent Welsh speakers.

The Geiriadur Celf is based on Art & Design: The Essential Word Dictionary by teacher and examiner Mark White, published by Philip Allen. The Welsh edition was commissioned by the Welsh Government, published as part of the WJEC’s Teaching and Learning Resources Scheme, and is edited by Dafydd Jones, lecturer in Fine Art at UWIC. He has also published several academic books and articles on various aspects of art.

The Geiriadur Celf has been edited specially for students in Wales and includes numerous examples of artworks by Welsh artists, works that are diaplayed in Wales, and art movements of Welsh origin or particular relevance to Wales.

With clear definitions, concise explanations and examiner guidance, the Geiriadur Celf is the perfect reference companion for any student who may be new to the subject, who may already be midway through the course, or revising for his or her exams.